VOICE & VIDEOIn the world of IP telephony, it is possible to have a communication platform simultaneously for the transmission of Voice, Video and data, and in fact, in the world of new telecommunications, there is no difference in the transmission of different applications, and only the IP-Based of this Systems are important. The most important of these technologies are IP Phone Systems. In fact, users with phpMonkey will only be able to transfer the image and sound directly onto the substrate with Internet access and having a dedicated IP address.An image IP phone for video calling when used over the VOIP network. Making a voice call simultaneously with receiving a picture will, in addition to making the conversation effective, takes you away from time and time. An IP Video Phone or IP Phone is a video for use by administrators and administrators who are looking for a solution to their VOIP platform for easier sessions to save time and money. An IP phone will at any time establish a video call network through the sending and receiving of IP packets. The features and capabilities of the image phone depend on the features that the various manufacturers place on it.One of the most famous companies in the field of ip phone video of Cisco Company, which comcommerce store has provided Cisco IP Phone Video.IP Phone IP Phone products from the Cisco IP Phone, IP iPhone, IP Phone, LPIS, and iPhones are presented in the Commodity Store.Cisco’s converters or adapter is actually a phone converter to Ethernet that returns traditional telephone devices to the IP device. By joining analogue devices to Cisco ATAs, buyers can benefit from many new and exciting IP phone apps.

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Cisco IP Phone 3905 New

Cisco IP Phone 3905 New Move From Analog to Cost-Effective IP Phones Replace your existing analog and digital phone deployments with affordable, basic VoIP communication endpoints using the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905. Features and Capabilit...

Cisco ATA 190 Analog Telephone Adaptor

Cisco ATA 190 Analog Telephone Adaptorhe Cisco ATA products are standards-based communication devices that deliver true, next-generation voice-over-IP (VoIP) terminations to businesses and residences worldwide. The Cisco ATA 190:Protects existing telephone investment: The Cisco ATA 190 supports two ...


CISCO IP CONFERENCE PHONE 8831 NEWهدف از ارائه آی پی فون کنفرانس 8831 سیسکو افزایش ارتباطات مردم محور، پخش صدا با کیفیت HD را با پوشش 360 درجه در اتاق های کنفرانس و دفتر های کاری در اندازه های گوناگون را به ارمغان آورده. این تلفن کنفرانس با بلندگوی دوبلکس دوسویه (G.722) تجربه ای به یاد ماندنی را برا...