IP phone productsIP phone productA VoIP phone is a telephone set designed specifically for use in a voice over IP ( VoIP ) system by converting standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet, and by converting incoming digital phone signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio. A VoIP phone allows the user to take advantage of VoIP technology without involving a personal computer, although an Internet connection is required.Physically, a VoIP phone set resembles a traditional hard wired or cordless telephone set. It employs the familiar ear and mouth ( E&M ) arrangement with an earphone (or earpiece) for listening to incoming audio, and a microphone (or mouthpiece) for transmitting audio. Some VoIP phone sets offer enhanced quality audio, comparable to that on compact disc( CD ). A few VoIP phone sets allow for the transmission and reception of image data during calls, so they can be considered video telephones.

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Cisco IP Phone 3905 New

Cisco IP Phone 3905 New Move From Analog to Cost-Effective IP Phones Replace your existing analog and digital phone deployments with affordable, basic VoIP communication endpoints using the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905. Features and Capabilit...


CISCO IP CONFERENCE PHONE 8831 NEWهدف از ارائه آی پی فون کنفرانس 8831 سیسکو افزایش ارتباطات مردم محور، پخش صدا با کیفیت HD را با پوشش 360 درجه در اتاق های کنفرانس و دفتر های کاری در اندازه های گوناگون را به ارمغان آورده. این تلفن کنفرانس با بلندگوی دوبلکس دوسویه (G.722) تجربه ای به یاد ماندنی را برا...